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Date of birth: 22.07.81
Place of birth: Minsk (USSR)
Nationality: Russian
Residence: Italy & Russia
Height: 178 cm
Bust: 90 cm
Waist: 60 cm
Hips 90 cm
Shoes: 7
Eyes: Green
Hair Blonde

Hobbies: To play piano, to read books, to swim, to travels, to fish, bicycle
Music: Classic, Ethnic, Luis Armstrong, Freddy Mercury, Madonna
Books: Fables of the people of the world, poetries, historical, philosophical, psychological and fantastic novels.
Sports: Swimming, Basketball, Handball, Shaping
Preferred color: Green
Perfume: Wild forest, nocturnal bonfire, dry ices
Kitchen: Russian, French, Japanese
Drinks: Still water, tomato juice, beer, wine, tisane
Interests: Nature, medicine, civilities of worldwide people, cars

In my career, also if for the moment is not so long, I have already done some remarkable realizations. However I do not want to enumerate all my titles or my jobs us on such base I will not become beautiful or uglier. As always you will find someone that reached a better success, that’s the reason for which is too early to make a feature of my life. And this is also why is still hope to diminish the possibility to know persons that will judge the professionality and the beauty only from an circumstance: did she worked for some famous designers or not?

I have a sufficente experience of this job, but my main progresses are still to be done.

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